The bulk of my career has been involved in food safety, and this is where most of my consultancy work lies with one or two notable exceptions, those being:

  • my work in providing the Human Health Impact Assessments for large Planning Applications requiring an Environmental Impact Assessment; and 
  • my role as an expert advisor to legal teams involved in litigation surrounding E.coli O157 infections arising from animal contact, usually in a Farm Visitor Centre setting.

I also assist in carrying out health & safety risk assessments in low to medium risk business settings.

I am a registered trainer with the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health to deliver Level 1, 2 and 3 Awards in Food Safety and Level 1 and 2 Awards in Health & Safety.

I have recently gained extensive experience in project managing food safety at large scale events, with a 5 month contract to cover food safety at the first European Games hosted by Baku in Azerbaijan in June 2015.

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